It isn’t just the people that get to walk around all dressed up. This year make sure to check out all of the latest pet Halloween costumes to make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate in this spooky evening…

Vampire Dog Halloween CostumeFestivities are more fun when everyone, including the cats and dogs of the neighborhood get to be a part of the costume contest and flaunt their special selections.  Get the camera ready because once the pet cat Halloween costumes and  pet Halloween costumes for dogs are out there will be plenty of shots to capture.  Here you will find a great selection of pet Halloween costumes pictures to give you some great ideas!

Most of the time the outfits will be sure to bring a smile to people’s faces along with a few chuckles and laughs. Don’t miss out on the photo opportunity when a dog or cat walks around the corner looking ready to join up with everyone else for a night of trick-or treating.  These are moments that families will remember for a long time to come.

You can check out the dog Halloween costume ideas we have here on this page or to see the full selection, then just hit the red button at the top of this page.Headless Horseman Dog Halloween Costume

When it comes time to choose just the right kind of pet Halloween costume there are all types of options available. Many are humorous, like the small dog Halloween costume  hot dog costume for a Daschund or the Headless Horseman dog Halloween costume.  Also there are the more traditional ones like witches, ghosts and dog vampire costumes.

Other options include popular television or movies that just about everyone will recognize. For example a dog or dressed up like Superman in a Superman Dog Costume or Yoda from the popular Star Wars movies?

If there are multiple animals involved consider having a theme. Add Princess Leia along with Yoda for a set of pet Halloween costumes that will make even the most dedicated of all the sci-fi fans smile.

little dog halloween costumesOr maybe set up a Halloween garden with yours and your neighbors animals dressed up as bumble bees, lady bugs, flowers and pumpkins.  We have many unique dog Halloween costume ideas for you to think about.

Some great examples of dog Halloween costumes are our Buzzing Bee dog costume, our Ladybug Dog Outfit, our cute bloomin’ snout pet costume and our pumpkin pooch dog outfit!Superman costume for dogs

There is no limit to the possibilities when you get more than one furry friend together for the Halloween traditions and festivities. In order to make the night more enjoyable for everyone it’s really important to make sure to get the right size outfit  for your pet.

The outfit should fit well and not to be too big or too small.  Most pet costumes come in varying sizes, including the 2 most popular categories – pet Halloween costumes for large dogs and pet Halloween costumes for small dogs.

All the accessories will last longer and stay on into the night when the animal is comfortable.  Most of them can expect to get a little extra attention from everyone when dressed up for the night in one of our unique pet costumes!

Sushi Cat Halloween CostumeFor the cat lovers out there who are looking for ideas for cat Halloween costumes, we have some unique ideas too.  How about this Sushi cat Halloween costume – it comes as a 2 piece costume and will make your cat look exactly like an authentic Sushi roll!  The headpiece comes with a comfortable elasticated strap.

Some cats are not too enthusiastic about wearing anything on their heads, so a good cat Halloween costume idea would be the Cowboy Halloween cat costume.  The soft brown saddle turns your cat into a horse!  The plush, stuffed white mouse cowboy secures with a velcro fastening.  Its an easy and fun way to get your kitty into the spirit of Halloween!Cowboy Halloween Costume For Cat

One more great cat Halloween costume to consider is the Sailor Halloween costume for cats.  This is a really cute 2 piece costume that will make your cat look like an authentic sailor!  A comfortable velcro strap hold the hat in place.  If your cat does not like anything on its back, but is not fussy about anything on its head then this could be a great choice for you feline friend.

Just to give you a few more fun and unique pet Halloween costume ideas, we also have a Pharoah Cat Halloween costume, a Bumble Bee Cat Costume, and finally, for the cats that aren’t too thrilled about wearing outfits, we have the simple Skeleton Tie Halloween Costume for cats – it is a cute skeleton tie with velro collar that can make any cat look cool this Halloween!

Sailor Halloween costume for catsAnother fun thing that a lot of pet owners are now starting to do is to not limit themselves to pet costumes, but to go beyond that and search for pet Halloween accessories too!

Personalized dog collars have been around for quite a while and are readily available from a number of sites online, but now designers have gone a step further and have created a collection of dog collars for Halloween too!  We also have a selection of Halloween inspired dog collars and Halloween themed dog leashes in both fun and functional designs to add to this season’s Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

To finish off the whole Halloween theme this year for your pet, we also have Halloween dog toys and Halloween cat toys plus even Halloween dog cards that are edible!!  Talking of edible – another cool idea for Halloween is to make some spooky Halloween treats for your dog, they are easy to make and a great treat to give them on Halloween night.

This year why not go all out for your pet and check out all our fun pet Halloween accessories, not only will they have fun, but so will you too!

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